M a e s t r o s   R e s t a u r a n t

Gaze out to breathtaking views of Positano

Indulge in Mediterranean fine dining at Maestro’s

Perched on Villa Azzura’s terrace, Maestro’s offers an unparalleled view of Positano. Once Zeffirelli’s choice for his exquisite gatherings, today’s guests can indulge in sublime cuisine amidst the region’s beauty from morning to evening. And as day turns to night, lanterns cast a spellbinding dance of light, weaving a theatrical ambience around guests.

A canvas of flavors in Positano’s embrace

Begin your day at Maestro’s with an espresso and freshly prepared breakfast, then enjoy lunch and dinner featuring the finest farm-to-table ingredients. Elevated above the sea, it feels as though you are perched over crystal waters, with the endless sea and the Li Galli islands as your tranquil companions. Here, time pauses, beauty surrounds you and unique flavors join forces to captivate.

Elevate your senses

Embark on unique culinary journeys

A captivating scenery

As evening descends on Maestro’s, the ambiance transforms into a scene straight from a dream. Lanterns flicker casting soft shadows around the terrace, enveloping diners in their glow. In this enchanted setting, dining becomes an intimate journey, with each dish served adding to the magic of the night. Against the backdrop of the tranquil sea moments are savored, and memories are made.


Chef Vincenzo Castaldo, at the helm of Maestro’s kitchen, brings a symphony of flavors to life with each dish, harmonizing tradition with innovation. With fourteen years of experience garnered at esteemed establishments across the country, Chef Castaldo has honed his craft to perfection. At Treville Positano, he crafts a menu that celebrates the essence of home-grown ingredients, all cultivated on-site. From crowd-pleasing classics to traditional recipes with a twist, his creations retain their freshness, showcasing a profound respect for tradition and a love for the finest, locally sourced produce.

Maestro’s culinary adventures begin with Treville’s organic farm, where the freshest ingredients inspire seasonal fine dining, rich in heritage and flavor.