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Discover Treville Positano’s simply iconic Botanical Bianca Bar and enjoy a luxurious atmosphere like never before. Within the pristine white space with the inviting sofas, adorned with Moorish décor, filigree furnishings and a Moroccan allure, sits the pioneering Bianca Bar where beloved drinks meet the beneficial properties of herbs sourced from the estate’s organic farm. Relish in every crisp sip and become one with the beguiling atmosphere of a destination that has hosted the world’s brightest stars. Hop aboard Treville Positano’s traditional wooden San Fernando II vessel and embark on an adventure through the waves. The estate’s marine limousine, a ten-metre-long Apreamare classic, was built over sixty years ago yet it is this patina of time that adds to its charm. Available for guests to reach the laid-back haven of Laurito Beach Club, a ride on San Fernando II manages to transport visitors back in time, reviving the pleasant peacefulness of Treville Positano and infusing any stay with added dose of elegance.