maestro's fine dining

Villa Treville’s signature restaurant on the terrace, Maestro’s pulls inspiration from locally grown ingredients and fresh, healthy cuisine. All our dishes are responsibly sourced and simply executed by our talented chef.

With stunning views to sea, Maestro’s is the perfect lookout to revel in Positano’s splendor. Right here is where Zeffirelli hosted his guests for exquisite lunches within an atmosphere that is testament to his genius theatricality. Sheltered under a flourishing canopy, the scenery at Meaestro’s is an ever-evolving one: bathed in Mediterranean sunlight by day and shining brighter after sundown when Yahya’s chandeliers cast light patterns across the veranda. Maestro’s culinary adventures originate at Treville’s organic farm, providing the materials for seasonal fine-dining rooted in tradition. Fruit, vegetables and herbs take center stage, celebrating the region’s exceptional flavors in a breathtaking ambience.

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