The freestanding depandance, Miramare, captures the essence of the Mediterranean with deep blue and crisp white hues throughout the vast space. A plush, comfortable bed topped with a regal canopy welcomes guests to the bedroom, complete with its own fireplace for that added “at-home” feeling that Treville Positano effortlessly exudes. A frieze dating back to 1781 was added by Zeffirelli yet appears to have been here since Treville Positano’s beginnings. On the walls and the floor, intricately decorated Vietri Sul Mare maiolica tiles, tether the aesthetic to the region’s heritage and artistic legacy. The balcony looks out to the sensational Amalfi Coast and the little islands of Li Galli, home of Homer’s beautiful yet treacherous sirens, elevating each stay with a picture-perfect tableau of natural beauty.

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